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["Save Holmes" 500 million won Daejeon cafe find] Oullim design construction furniture appeared!

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  • 2019-08-17 17:31:00
  • hit304
The "Save Me Holmes" entertainment program, which is being aired on MBC, is an unusual format that allows you to find a house for you according to your options. The staff of our company is watching with a lot of interest.
On July 28th, the part that was shot in Daejeon appeared on the air. Finally, the house that I was constructing in our company was sold as a candidate for watching. As it was broadcasted, it came out with a different feeling, and the cast members gave a good evaluation to the neatly constructed furniture so that our company employees could watch with pride.

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It was a great opportunity for our employees to have a good heart and a commitment to work hard. I will walk the link below with the will to be eager. We've posted some of the posts on the show, so please watch it once.

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